Marketing is a way to say who you are without saying anything at all.

I am a firm believer in executing and moving the needle forward

My beliefs got formulated very early in life. Coming from a middle-class Marathi household, I had to prove my worth at every stage in life. There was never a Plan B in place. If I wanted something, I set my eyes on it, and worked towards it with inch wide and mile deep focus. Very early in life, I had understood, that it is easier to be a no-one, and it will take great effort to be someone.

I wanted to be THE ONE…

Hence I made sure, I went to Ivy League colleges like BITS Pilani & SP Jain to groom and equip myself for the game called LIFE. I have always been in it, to win it.
Taking the entrepreneurship plunge was also a well-thought move, that I chose to make, and yet again, there is no Plan B. I am in it, to win it!
About me

Interesting Facts


Launched & Marketed

a product to 12 countries, which virally spread to 186 countries!

Took a product from INR 33,000

Monthly Revenue to 20 Lakhs Daily Revenue in less than 3 years!

Filed and granted a patent

for reducing power consumption of DDR RAM – US8489943 while working at STMicroelectronics. Recognized with “Key Employee Award” amongst a workforce of more than 10,000.

Meritorious academic track record

State Topper Rank 14 and Rank 13 out of 3 Million students in Maharashtra State SSC and HSSC Examinations.

Taught underprivileged students

at a night school named ‘Prayas’ as a volunteer at AID Delhi. Participated in the Hutch-Delhi Half-Marathon, 2006 to campaign for the cause of these children.

Food lover at heart

I love to cook Maharashtrian cuisines but enjoy delicacies from all ethnicities.